About Us

Miss Jee’s Dog Academy was founded in 2017 in Central Florida. We are a family-operated business who understand the importance of having a good “village” behind raising and training a family dog. We want nothing more than to help families live a life of Inclusivity with their dogs, not a life of limitations – and poor behavioral choices only serve to hinder us from fully enjoying our dogs the way we intended. 

We provide Dog Training services to the Seattle-metro area with a specialization in Puppy Raising, Behavior Modification and Aggression Rehabilitation.

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Talofa! Hello!

Welcome to Miss Jee’s Dog Academy!

We’re not here to create robot dogs with obedience commands, we’re here to help you enrich your life. Dog training isn’t just obedience commands, it’s a language – a mode of communication. This is where you come to undergo a lifestyle transformation, leadership training, personal development, and become part of the family, surrounded by a Tribe (many of whom have been in your shoes) who will help you along your dog training journey. This journey differs with every person, and we’ve found that most owners who struggle with their dogs may be struggling in other aspects of their lives – communicating clearly and being firm with their boundaries are often the two most common challenges. The best part about this process is watching our clients transform from being hopeless and helpless to brave, confident Badass Dog Owners.

Whether you’ve got a puppy you just want to raise right, to a crazy, out-of-control dog that you think is “untrainable”, or a more serious case of reactivity, fear, or aggression, we’ve got you covered! Don’t wait until problems become overwhelming, preventing poor behaviors and habits is much easier than undoing them.

Our Mission

Empowering struggling dog owners to take charge, lead, and guide their dogs into living the life of inclusivity they deserve.


Meet the founder & lead trainer

JeeHae Choe

I am so excited to be able to meet you and help you get started on your dog training journey. A few things about myself:

I was born and raised in a tiny little island in the South Pacific called American Samoa. I left home and joined the United States Marine Corps at 17, was honorably discharged in 2012.

Dog Training saved my life. I struggled for a long time adjusting to life as a civilian, being unemployed and being separated from family and friends. I adopted my first puppy in 2013, and my life drastically changed from that point forward.

I became obsessed with his “Adventure Bucket List” – we went hiking, kayaking, and started going on road trips. We’ve been on so many grand adventures together, and he has kept me going through some really tough times. I started fostering for dog rescues, signed up for puppy training classes, and discovered my love for dog training. We excelled in our obedience classes, and soon linked up with a Service Dog organization in South Carolina and began the next phase of our lives together – long story short, everything seemed to fall into place and guided me to ultimately becoming a dog trainer.

I moved to Florida in 2014, continued fostering for rescues, and it led to my first job working at a dog daycare and boarding facility. Sounds like a dream job, right? It didn’t last long. I wasn’t a big fan of the chaos and the amount of dog fights and bites I witnessed and experienced, and I couldn’t imagine having my personal dog attending such an environment. I chose to return to college to pursue a Psychology degree while working full time training dogs. 

Fast forward a couple years and Miss Jee’s Dog Academy was born! Miss Jee was actually derived from my baby-sitting days – it’s what my client kids used to call me – and ironically enough my dog training client kids began calling me the same, so it stuck.

 We aim to help dogs and owners live their best lives through  training, outdoor and adventure therapy, as well as leadership and personal development. The best version of your dog requires the best versions of their humans. Give yourself the gift of a well-trained dog, because you, your family, and your dog deserve it.

See you in class!

meet our seattle in-home dog trainer & coach

Deug-Min Choe

I was born and raised in American Samoa as the youngest of our clan, moving to Idaho in 2014.

I started apprenticing for my sister in December 2019 during Christmas break, and when I graduated HS in 2020, I immediately moved to Florida to continue learning and pursuing dog training as a career. I moved to Washington to be employed as a full-time in-home coach and dog trainer in 2021.

Building a dog training career during a pandemic has been a huge growing experience, it’s allowed me to be exposed to all sorts of different issues and unique challenges that has stretched my creative and critical thinking skills. Working with dogs has taught me that being responsible for another living thing is synonymous with being responsible for myself – being consistent, accountable, and following through are things that can be applied to several different aspects of life in general, not just dog training. It isn’t about stretching yourself ragged for overnight results, it’s about leveraging all the small moments every single day from the moment you wake up to the moment your head hits the pillow.

Dog training has always felt different from other jobs I’ve had because Success is determined by what you do in the moment rather than what you end the day with. Repetition and persistent practice all compound into progress that the average person wouldn’t be able to see or even imagine!

I love what I do and can’t wait to help you achieve the dog of your dreams!

meet our florida pack handler

Isaac Moore

Isaac is an Illinois native, Marine Corps veteran and former client-turned-employee of Miss Jee’s Dog Academy. He sought help for his 9mo very reactive belgian shepherd in 2017, where he began his dog training journey with our board and train program, later becoming an intern and dog walker. He now heads our Day Adventure and Boarding programs in Melbourne, FL in between nursing school and raising a family.  

meet our office manager

Jee-Suk Choe

I left my tiny island home to pursue a college education, graduating from Alice Lloyd College with a degree in Biology. I’ve worked many odd jobs in between college semesters, two of them being a kennel tech at a dog rescue in Florida, and walking dogs for my sister when Miss Jee’s Dog Academy was born. I decided that pursuing a degree in Medicine wasn’t the right path for me, and have been in the software and tech industry since 2019. I decided to move to Washington to raise my active toddler around her aunts and uncle. We love our family hikes and adventures, and it’s been a joy to watch many of our clients learn how to live a life of inclusivity with their [now better-mannered] dog(s) because of training.